Stainless Steel Evil Ball Crusher Shells


Stainless Steel Evil Ball Crusher Shells


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The Evil Ball Crusher Shells are new & unique extreme ball torture tool, which makes it possible to press, stretch each of the balls separately. Just put a ball in each of the shell and securely fasten with the screw and then fasten with the padlocks, you then have choices 😉 You can either add weights onto the bar and pull and stretch that scrotum or tighten the screws so they start to squeeze them balls! The screws close the halves together and it already has some pressing effect – especially for larger balls.
The small screws work as adjustable “spikes”. They can be fully removed if not needed.
You can add weights to each balls individually or apply bondage accessories.
The connecting bar is also for weights or bondage.

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Stainless Steel Evil Ball Crusher Shells


Stainless Steel

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Inner Size: Depth: 21mm (0.82") for each half Length: 65mm (2.56") Width: 45mm (1.77")


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