Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls

Enjoy ultimate pleasure in a totally discreet way (unless you just can’t control yourself) with love eggs and jiggle balls.

Use vibrating eggs to give yourself incredible and intense sensations during foreplay or solo play, or put your partner in charge with some remote control love eggs. You never know if, or when they’ll hit that button and turn you on!

Jiggle Balls also known as ben wa balls, these devilishly clever and stimulating sex toys will not only give your vagina and pelvic floor an epic workout, but they’ll help give you stronger orgasms AND pleasure your parts however and wherever you use them.

Slip in your kegel exercisers and feel them caress and stimulate you as you go about your day, building up your excitement and arousal. Be careful though, you might need to excuse yourself from your meeting and have a little alone time in the Ladies.