Wand Attachments & Accessories

Your massage wand is probably one of your most beloved sex toys. And for very good reason we say! This titillating device knows just how to stimulate, caress and ignite all those orgasmic nerve endings…inside and out.

But, how can you make your favourite wand even better? With wand attachments of course! And if you didn’t think your massage wand could perform tricks before, then, trust us, with our magic wand attachments, you soon will! Turn your wand vibrator into a clit dominator by attaching one of our clitoral stimulators. Or make your massage wand even more pulse-racing by adding a prostate stimulator, and give your backdoor action a new lease of life.

Whatever kind of stimulation floats your boat, just slip one of our vibrating wand accessories onto your wand, and prepare for even more pleasure.