Prostate Toys

Your prostate – or your P-spot – deserves the very best. The male prostate is a magical gland that, when stimulated, can lead to the most earth-shattering orgasm of your life.

That’s why we stock the best prostate toys available, allowing you to reach new heights and your prostate new realms of perverted pleasure. Pick up a prostate massager and use it to caress your prostate or your partner’s, as you experience waves of uncontrollable erotic sensations.

Our prostate toys are specially designed to fit perfectly into your anus and reach your P-spot. Choose from vibrating models, wand attachments, remote-controlled prostate toys, and metal styles and give your prostate a milking you won’t ever forget.

Prostate Massagers

What are prostate massagers?

The male prostate is a gift from the sex gods. It’s an extremely sensitive and hugely erogenous gland that, when massaged and stimulated, can help you achieve VERY powerful orgasms. 

Prostate toys, like a prostate massager, are designed to help you get there. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and while they are all designed to hit that sweet spot (located between your bladder and rectum), some even come with a function to stimulate your perineum. 

And if you get it just right, you might even experience a hands-free orgasm. Yep. Male prostate vibrators and prostate massagers have the power to make you cum without even getting your cock involved. Trust us. You want to try it for yourself. 

How do I use male prostate stimulators?

Using male prostate toys can help you experience the most intense orgasms of your life. These anal toys are designed to hit and stimulate your P-spot perfectly, which is located about 4 to 7cm inside your anus. This little spot is small but mighty and measures about 2cm in diameter. 

While most men reach orgasm by penile stimulation, using male prostate stimulators allows you to enjoy a deeper, more electrifying climax. 

Now, we know this sounds incredible and you might be biting your lip to get started, but it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up as you become more comfortable with the sensation of using a toy like a prostate vibrator. You should also use lots of water-based lube, as the anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina. 

Prostate toys FAQ

What is the best prostate massager?

While all prostate massagers are designed to caress your prostate, they come in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and all kinks. There are male prostate vibrators that typically feature a curved design and have the function of vibrating and pulsing. Prostate massager wands are longer and have an easy-to-grip handle to allow easy reach. They also have a rounded tip which hits the spot perfectly. Then you have anal plugs. These bad boys are small (but you can get larger versions) and tapered. You can wear them for extended periods and give your prostate an elongated massage. 

Why do I need prostate stimulation? 

As mysterious as the G-spot is, the P-spot comes with its own mysterious pleasures. This earth-shattering gland is located inside your anal canal, and stimulating it will give you the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life.

So, yeh. You NEED prostate stimulation!

The best part is you can stimulate your prostate yourself, or have your partner massage it while you’re pounding away to bring you an even more intense climax. Toys for prostate have the power to do this for you and are ideal to use yourself for some earth-shattering solo play, or with your partner so they can bring you to your knees.