Medical Enema Syringe

Love playing doctors and nurses? Then why not take your medical play up a notch?

A medical enema syringe will satisfy your kinky cravings by cleaning you out and turning you on! Delivering spot-on orgasmic anal pleasure every time it’s used. And bonus, you’ll have the most perfectly clean backside around. Perfect for all the sadistic anal fun you’re planning to unleash! BDSM enemas & douching will keep your intimate areas fresh and ready for action, as well as providing you with that oh-so-gratifying full to the brim feeling that we know you just love.

Choose from styles with different sized attachments, and go as gently, or as fast as you can take it, as you fulfil your anal carnal desires.

  • Stainless Steel 100cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Stainless Steel 150cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Stainless Steel 200cc Medical Enema Syringe

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