Enema Syringes & Douches

Keep things clean as you get down and dirty with our selection of enema syringes and douches. Not only do these clever little devices ensure spotless anal hygiene (clean enough to eat off…or out), but they feel utterly orgasmic to use as well.

Choose from showerheads, douches and medical enema syringes and play out your wildest doctor and nurse fantasies. 

Our BDSM enemas are made from medical-grade stainless steel and feature all sorts of tempting designs to get your anus twitching. From balls to ringlets, there’s something to please every hole. Give your slaves hole a deep clean and fill their backside up as you take control of their pain and pleasure. 

  • Stainless Steel 100cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Stainless Steel 150cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Stainless Steel 200cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Curved Dyno Shower Head Douche

  • Flower Bomb Shower Douche Head Attachment

  • Jumbo Butt Plug Shower Head Douche

  • Mini Douche Shower Head Nozzle

  • Nine Ball Shower Head Douche

  • Ringlet Shower Head Nozzle Douche

  • Smooth Shower Head Douche Enema

  • Sure Shot Shower Head Douche

  • Triple Ripple Shower head Douche

  • Waved Shower Nozzle Douche

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