Even though your favourite erogenous zones already feel electrifying when they’re stimulated, we think you should take things further. And harder.

Pumps really are a guy and a girl’s best friend. And at Saints and Sinners, we have a pump for every occasion and every sweet spot. Our sex pumps include pussy pumps, penis pumps, clit pumps, breast pumps, and nipple pumps, which have all been designed to increase blood flow to the area, causing the tissue to swell, making them even more sensitive and prime for pleasure than usual. 

And when your spots are more sensitive, your orgasm will be even more powerful. Even the smallest stroke and softest suck will tip you over the edge.

For punishment lovers, try BDSM vacuum pumps and watch as your slave squirms under your softest touch, flick, lick, or bite, until you finally let them give in to an all-encompassing explosion. The power of the pump!

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