Wet Look Lingerie & Clothing

Unleash your inner dominatrix and wrap your luscious curves in a little something from our wet look lingerie and clothing selection. 

Wet look lingerie is the ultimate aphrodisiac, as you can wear it under your everyday clothes and build the anticipation of your horny night ahead. Feel like a dominant sex goddess as our stretchy wet look clothing glides over your body, clinging to all the right places and making you look and feel sensual, sexual, and ready to take charge. 

Our erotic playwear is a must for role play, clubwear, and fetish style. Choose from wet look clothing such as dresses, corsets, catsuits, bodies, suspender sets, and so much more, and get ready to tease, please, and arouse like never before. 

  • Cottelli Party Jumpsuit

  • Noir Handmade F255 Power Wetlook Halter Mini-Dress With Neck Wrap

  • Noir Handmade Power Wetlook Catsuit F162 with Leash

  • Cottelli Bondage Wet Look Open Crotch Body With Restraints

  • Cottelli Bondage Plus Size Dress

  • Cottelli Bondage Quarter-Cup Babydoll Set

  • Cottelli High Neck Body with Zipper

  • Noir Handmade F238 Short Tulle Dress Power Wetlook Inserts and Corset Binding

  • Noir Handmade F241 Mini Dress with Power Wetlook Skirt and Tulle Top

  • Noir Handmade F229 Power Wetlook Dress with Lace Inserts

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  • Noir Handmade F254 Power Wetlook Mini-Dress with Lace Chest

  • Cottelli Bondage Sexy Bra Set

  • Cottelli Lingerie Shelf Bra Set

  • Cottelli Collection Wet Look Dress

  • Cottelli Party Wet Look Dress

  • Cottelli Party Wet Look Dress With Lacing

  • Mapale Plus Size Thigh Highs 1017X

  • Noir Handmade F237 Long Sleeve Tulle 3 Way Zipper Catsuit

  • Noir Handmade F156 Powerwetlook Garter Belt with Elastic Tape and Easy Grip Suspenders

  • Noir Handmade F158 Power Wetlook Stockings with Elastic Tape

  • Noir Handmade F212 Power Wet-look and Lace Minidress with a Deep Neckline

  • Noir Handmade F218 Sexy Female Shorts with Full Zip

  • Noir Handmade F224 Adorable Dress with Long Button Line

  • Noir Handmade F228 Midi Dress with Soft Lace Top

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