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Delivery Information

Saints & Sinners Delivery Information

When it comes to getting your hands on our awesome products, we’ve got you covered, our preferred carrier is Royal Mail. For deliveries within the UK, we usually use their tracked 48 service, which takes around 2-5 working days. And guess what? If you spend over £35, we’ll treat you to free delivery with the same service!

We know you’re in a hurry sometimes and want your pleasure package even faster? No worries, we’ve got you covered with other options for those moments when you can’t wait to get your hands on the goodies.

For your peace of mind, we always send your items with tracking. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your order every step of the way. And just a heads-up, for those higher value orders, a signature will be required upon delivery.

UK Delivery Options

Delivery Method

Royal Mail Tracked 48

Royal Mail Tracked 24

Royal Mail Special Delivery

Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday

Click and Collect

Delivery Time

2-5 working days

1-3 working days (95% arrive next working day)

Guaranteed next working day

Guaranteed next day Saturday delivery

Usually ready for collection within 1 hour (if ordered within opening times) Please note, you will be notified by email once your items are ready for collection.


£3.99 (Free Over £35)




Same Day Dispatch

You know the saying, “The early bird catches the worm”? Well, we’ve got a similar philosophy here at Saints & Sinners. Place your order with us before 2pm on a weekday or 11am on a Saturday (we’re all for lazy Sundays), and we’ll dispatch it on the very same day! We understand the thrill of receiving your goodies promptly, so we’ll make sure it gets to you as quickly as possible.


Bank Holidays

We love bank holidays as much as the next person, but just a heads-up: orders placed on those glorious days or after 2pm the day before won’t be collected until the next working day. So, please give it a little extra time for delivery in those cases. Patience is a virtue, after all!


Ireland, Europe & Rest Of The World Delivery

We’re not selfish, we promise! We want the entire world to enjoy our amazing Saints & Sinners packages. That’s why we offer shipping to most countries. Just select your country at checkout and pick a delivery option. Easy peasy! If your country isn’t on the list, shoot us an email or use our contact form on the website, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Your parcel will be zooming toward you in no time. However, it is our duty to inform you that any Customs or import taxes are your own responsibility, and, unfortunately, Saints & Sinners have no control over them.

If Customs decide that your order is not permissible, the item(s) can be seized, and unfortunately in this case, we cannot offer you a refund (please make sure the items that you order are legal within your country).


Discreet Packaging

Your secrets are safe with us! When it comes to delivering your order, we promise it’ll be as discreet as can be. No hint of what’s inside that package will give away your little guilty pleasures. Most items are carefully boxed up and then tucked inside a weather-resistant mailer bag. Our top priority is discretion, privacy, and making sure your package arrives in tip-top shape. You can trust us on this one!


Please note: We update tracking information at the end of each day. So, if you can’t track your order right away, don’t worry. It’ll be up and running within 24 hours. We promise we’re not trying to keep you in suspense!

Delivery FAQs

Tracking your order is a breeze! Once your order is on its way, hang tight and keep an eye on your inbox. Look out for an email that will be bursting with excitement, and guess what? It’ll include a super special tracking number just for you.

But that’s not all – make sure you’ve entered the correct mobile number and email during checkout. Why? Because when you choose the Royal Mail Tracked 24 or 48 service, you’re in for a treat. Royal Mail will go the extra mile and send you a delightful text and email with all the juicy delivery information you need. You’ll know exactly what day and time your order will be making its grand arrival, you can even select a safe space for them to leave it in case you’re not in.

So, get ready to anticipate its arrival. It’s time to sit back, relax, and plan your celebration dance for when your package finally makes its way to you. Happy tracking!

Oh no, what if you’re out when your fabulous order arrives? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a couple of options to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun!

If you’ve opted for the tracked 24 or 48 service, keep an eye out for that email or text with all the exciting delivery details. In there, you’ll have the chance to select a safe space for the delivery driver to leave your parcel. It’s like a secret hideout for your goodies, keeping them safe until you get back.

Now, let’s say the delivery attempt still doesn’t synchronize with your schedule. No worries, because Royal Mail usually gives it another shot. They’ll swing by for a second delivery attempt (usually the next day), just in case your busy life got in the way the first time. But hey, it happens.

If luck still isn’t on your side and the second attempt is a no-go, fear not! Your package will find its way to your local delivery office, where it will patiently wait for you for a whopping 18 days. They’ll make sure those goodies stay safe and sound during their little vacation while they wait for you to pick them up from the delivery office, or you can arrange another delivery attempt for when you will be in.

So, what happens if your eagerly awaited package decides to play hide and seek and doesn’t show up when you expect it to? Don’t you fret! We’ve got your back and we’re here to help.

The first thing you’ll want to do is track the status of your order. Just check your email for a tracking link from us. It’s like having your own personal detective on the case, but without the magnifying glass and Sherlock Holmes hat (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

If you had the pleasure of using the Royal Mail tracked 48 or 24 services, keep an eye out for a text and email with all the delivery details and updates.

But hey, if you’re still experiencing some hiccups and your order seems to have gone on a spontaneous vacation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to make things right and get your goodies to you pronto! Just shoot us an email at, and we’ll jump right into action like heroes in an action flick.

Remember, sometimes life gets a little wonky, and orders can go off the radar. But don’t you worry, because we’ve got your back. So sit tight, and let’s make sure that your package finds its way home.

Oh, absolutely! We’re all about convenience and giving you options. Our address is;

Saints & Sinners

5-15 Foxhall Square



Here’s the deal: when you’re checking out, keep an eye out for our free click & collect service.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll work our magic and get your goodies ready for their grand collection. And trust me, we don’t mess around with time. Usually, within just one hour (yes, you heard that right), your order will be all set and ready to go. We’re like the Flash of the retail world.

But hey, here’s a pro tip: don’t forget to check your inbox for our email. It’s like receiving a secret code to unlock the treasure chest of your order. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Just make sure to give your junk folder a quick peek too; those sneaky filters can sometimes play tricks on us.

So, if you’re around our Blackpool store, skip the wait, skip the delivery fees, and indulge in the thrill of click & collect. It’s fast, it’s fab, and it’s all for you. How’s that for a win-win situation?

Oh, the anticipation of getting a package! It’s like Christmas morning. Now, if you find yourself with only a portion of your order, don’t panic! We’ve got a master plan to deliver your goodies with lightning speed.

Sometimes, we like to break the ice and send out your order in separate deliveries. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about getting those precious items into your hands as quickly as possible. We want to make sure you don’t have to wait an eternity to enjoy your items.

We’ll always shoot you an email to let you in on our little secret. We’ll give you a heads-up and let you know that more deliveries are happily on their way.

So, keep an eye on your inbox for our email. And remember, good things come in small packages, or in this case, separate deliveries. It’s all part of our grand plan to bring you pleasure as quickly as possible.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the anticipation. Your complete order will be making its way to you in no time. We’re here to deliver pleasure, one package at a time. Happy unboxing!

As soon as we set your order free from our clutches, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll send you an email with all the details, including your very own tracking number.

Now, let’s address something important. If you happen to place your order after our delivery collection, no worries! You might still receive an email with a tracking number. But here’s the thing: our delivery partners will pick up your order the next day. That means tracking information may take up to 24 hours to update.

So, keep an eye on your email inbox, and be ready to jump with joy when that glorious dispatch email arrives. And remember, even if it takes a little time to update, rest assured that your order is making its way to you.

Ah, the age-old question of amending the delivery address. We get it. Life can throw curveballs, even when it comes to receiving your pleasure parcel. But fear not because we’re here to lend a helping hand!

Once your precious package has been dispatched and is on its thrilling journey to your doorstep, we regret to inform you that we’re unable to make any changes to the delivery address. It’s like trying to stop a speeding train.

If you suddenly realise that you’ve made a whoopsie-daisy and entered the wrong address, don’t panic. Just shoot us an email, and we’ll put our superhero capes on to see what we can do. If, by some miraculous twist of fate, your parcel has yet to leave our loving hands, we can most certainly amend the address for you. Phew!

So, keep calm and email on. Let us know about the situation, and we’ll do our best to save the day. Just remember, timing is everything. If the parcel has already embarked on its grand adventure, we might not be able to perform any magical address changes.

Oh, the excitement of receiving your pleasure parcel is almost too much to handle. Just make sure to double-check that delivery address, and if any mishaps occur, remember that we’re here to help.

We’re all about delivering to your desired destination, even if it’s not the same as your billing address. We like to keep things exciting and accommodating around here.

Here’s how we make the magic happen: when you’re in the checkout zone and filling out those billing address details. Once you’ve conquered that step, prepare yourself for the moment of truth. Ta-da! It’s time to add that alternative delivery address.

So, whether you want your goodies sent to your secret lair, a friend’s place, or even that cosy cabin you’re escaping to for the weekend, go ahead and let us know. We’re listening, and we’re ready to deliver wherever your heart desires.

Billing address? Check. Alternative delivery address? Double-check. It’s as simple as that.