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Create a Saints and Sinners Sex Toy Wishlist

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Looking to create a sex toy wishlist or lingerie wishlist to keep track of the sex goodies you’ve got your eye on?

Maybe you’re a cam model or content creator keen to bulk up your sex toy collection to keep your fans hot to trot.

Whatever the reason, you can now create a sex toy wishlist with Saints and Sinners to make all your (and your fans) sex toy fantasies a reality. 

We’ve made it simple and easy to create a wishlist online, so you can start enjoying your dream sex gifts, whether they’re purchased by you or your fans. Check out how to get started and start adding to your list.


Create a Sex Toy Wishlist

Lists aren’t just for Christmas.

At Saints and Sinners, we believe you should be able to have your desires fulfilled all year round.

Our sex toy wishlist is easy to make and is perfect for keeping track of those knee-trembling goodies, raunchy lingerie items, and super hot bondage gear must-haves, all in one place.

You can keep adding items every time you shop and treat yourself when you like, or share your wishlist with someone so they know exactly what to get you for your birthday. Or any other special occasion. 


Content Creator Wishlist

Onlyfans, Manyvids, Admireme, there are a plethora of awesome content creator sites out there with cam girls thrilling and turning on their bevy of kinky fans. 

If you’re a content creator or camgirl looking to set up a camgirl wishlist then we have everything you need to make your fan’s dreams come true.

Whether it’s vibrators, dildos, bondage gear, lotions and potions, stainless steel toys for temperature play, everyone’s favourite app-controlled vibrators, or even some mouth-watering lingerie to get their hearts racing, you’ll find everything you need at Saints and Sinners. 

Create a camgirl wishlist so your fans and followers know just what to get you to spice up their lives.

It’s simple and easy to make an Onlyfans model wishlist, Manyvids model wishlist, or an Admireme model wishlist, and the best part? You can create as many wishlists as you want, whether they’re private (just for the eyes of you or that certain special someone) or shared wishlists to share with your fans and followers. The best thing is that the wishlist was designed with security and privacy for camgirls and content creators. Any of your fans and followers can buy you a gift from your shared wishlist. At no point is any personal information shared, this means your address is always kept private and not shared with the buyer. What’s even better is you can actually use your real name (if you use an alias) for the delivery address, so no awkward trips to a delivery office trying to collect a parcel in a different name. Your privacy is important to us, so we’ll make sure it’s safe and not shared with anyone.

We’ll show you how below. 

Buy Sex Gifts from a Camgirl Wishlist

Fancy buying a sex toy for your favourite content creator? Want to get gratification from watching them use it online?

If they’ve set up a camgirl wishlist on Saints and Sinners, you can treat them to the toy of their choice from their very own personalised camgirl gift shop.

Simply visit the content creator’s wishlist, choose an item (or as many items as you want) and it will get shipped directly to their address without any of your private information being shared. We don’t share your information to protect your privacy, but you can add a message to the creator to let them know the gift is from you if you want. 


Create a Sex Toy Wishlist to Share with Your Subs

Are you a dom looking to have some extra fun with your subs?

Why not create a personalised wishlist filled with everything you need to keep your subs in line…and under your control?

Our shared wishlists are the perfect way to give both you and your subs exactly what you’re looking for. Just browse the website and add everything you want to make your subs scream for mercy.

Don’t worry, you can keep adding items as they’re purchased, or when something new is added to the website. Then, opt for the ‘shared option’ when creating your wishlist and share the URL link with your subs.

Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to view your wishlist and buy whatever items make them tingle with pleasure…and anticipation.


How to Make a Sex Toy Wishlist

Ready to set up your perfect wishlist, filled with the best sex toys to make your horny dreams come true?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a Saints and Sinners account – remember, you can create as many as you want and choose whether to make them private or shared.
  2. Give your wishlist a name and add any products you want from the website.
  3. If you’ve made your wishlist shared, simply share the URL with anyone you want so they can start shopping.

For a camgirl wishlist or content creator wishlist, there are a few extra details to add. Click here for the full instructions to make sure you set your wishlist up perfectly. 

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your delivery address is up to date. If you’ve moved and haven’t updated your address, that sweet old lady who moved in is going to be getting some VERY surprising deliveries.
  • If an item has been purchased, delete it from your wishlist and add new ones, so you don’t end up getting the same product twice…unless you want more than one of course.
  • Remember to put your alias (if you’re a content creator or camgirl and don’t want your real name added). The link above shows you where to add this.
  • You can also add a banner to your wishlist with a special message for your fans or followers if you fancy. 

And the good times don’t have to end there.

If you fancy joining our affiliate programme, you can become an affiliate and link to your wishlist. This way, if anyone buys an item off your list or buys something after clicking on your link within 30 days, you’ll earn a tasty commission. Getting a product bought for you AND earning a passive income from it…what could be better?

Set up your sex toy wishlist today and let the pleasure begin.