Shower Heads

Even though we like to play dirty here at Saints and Sinners when it comes to vaginal and anal hygiene, we’re definitely sticklers for cleanliness.

To make sure you’re squeaky clean and ready for action, turn your shower into a romp-a-thon with one of our shower head douches. These shower head anal toys will treat your backside to the time of its life. Perfect for a bit of indulgent solo play, or for sharing with a partner, choose from our range of stimulating douches and prepare yourself for a totally gratifying experience. 

Rounded tips, balls, ringlets, and even jumbo-sized shower heads have been carefully crafted out of cool, smooth, and sensual stainless steel and aluminium, ready to clean you out and caress every nerve-ending.

  • Waved Shower Nozzle Douche

  • Curved Dyno Shower Head Douche

  • Nine Ball Shower Head Douche

  • Flower Bomb Shower Douche Head Attachment

  • Smooth Shower Head Douche Enema

  • Jumbo Butt Plug Shower Head Douche

  • Triple Ripple Shower head Douche

  • Mini Douche Shower Head Nozzle

  • Ringlet Shower Head Nozzle Douche

  • Sure Shot Shower Head Douche

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