Mains and Rechargeable Vibrators

Ever been in that frustrating situation where your favourite vibrator shuts down RIGHT before you cum? It’s the WORST! And hunting for new batteries mid shag is a real buzz kill. Pardon the pun. 

But with mains and rechargeable vibrators, you never have to worry about your orgasm being left in the lurch again. Rechargeable vibrators, USB rechargeable vibrators and mains powered vibrators allow you to enjoy hours of kinky fun without having to worry about them losing their orgasmic power. From full-size dildos, massage wands, strap-ons, and bullets, our collection has something to satisfy every pervy itch.

And as soon as they need a little rest (trust us, you’ll want to wear them out) simply plug them in at the mains or via USB, and pretty soon they’ll be ready for round 362!