As much as we like being filthy in the bedroom when it comes to all things anal, we’re a stickler for a squeaky clean hole. You might go as far as to call us anal about it. 

But keeping things clean doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Our extensive selection of douches and enemas are perfect for anal douching and making sure your anal hygiene is on point. Use these anal sex essentials on yourself before enjoying your favourite anal sex toys, or with your partner to ensure you’re in for a clear landing…and a mess-free experience.

Whether you prefer a classic bulb style douche, or something a little more adventurous and medical, our range of anal douches is designed to clean you out and provide you with immense gratification at the same time. Bottom’s up!

  • Prowler Red Flexi Douche 310ml

  • Prowler RED Perfect Angle Douche 310ml

  • Me You Us Whirling Spray Douche

  • Deluxe Douche

  • Loving Joy Anal Douche 225ml

  • Push Monster Flexible Anal Douche Shower Hose Attachment

  • Prowler Bulb Douche

    From £5.99
  • Prowler Red Shower Shot Large Douche Nozzle

  • Prowler Red Shower Shot Small Douche Nozzle

  • Stainless Steel 100cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Stainless Steel 150cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Stainless Steel 200cc Medical Enema Syringe

  • Curved Dyno Shower Head Douche

  • Flower Bomb Shower Douche Head Attachment

  • Jumbo Butt Plug Shower Head Douche

  • Mini Douche Shower Head Nozzle

  • Nine Ball Shower Head Douche

  • Ringlet Shower Head Nozzle Douche

  • Smooth Shower Head Douche Enema

  • Sure Shot Shower Head Douche

  • Triple Ripple Shower head Douche

  • Waved Shower Nozzle Douche

  • Deluxe Bulb Douche

  • Loving Joy Anal Douche 160ml

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