Although we can be a fan of friction, when it comes to foreplay and sex, we prefer things to run smoothly. Our extensive range of lubrication is essential for fun, slippery and enhanced intercourse. Whether that’s with a partner or your favourite vibrator. Slide on water-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricant to make those tight areas easier to access or choose a flavoured lube to make oral even tastier. As well as providing comfort for your pounding pleasure, lubricant will take your orgasms to the max, leaving you trembling and yearning for more.

Whatever your requirement, our range has lubrication to meet it. For kinky bum fun, we especially recommend trying one of our anal lubricants to ensure a smooth, sensual and satisfying experience.

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  • Liquid Silk Lubricant 250ml

  • Lubido Hybrid Intimate Moisturising Lubricant 250ml

  • Lubido Water-Based Intimate Lubricant 250ml

  • Lubido Water-Based Intimate Lubricant 30ml

  • Lubido Water-Based Intimate Lubricant 500ml

  • Liquid Silk Lubricant 50ml

  • Push Anal Gel Premium Edition 250ml

  • Push Silicone Anal Lube Gold Edition 250ml

  • Fist It Anal Relaxer Lubricant 500ml

  • Fist It Hybrid Lubricant 500ml

  • Fist It Numbing Lubricant 1000ml

  • Fist It Numbing Lubricant 25ml

  • Fist It Numbing Lubricant 500ml

  • ElectraStim Sterile Lubricant Sachets 10 Pack

  • Howl Silicone CBD Anal Lubricant

  • Fist It CBD Lubrication 500ml

  • Fist It Submerge Lubricant 500ml

  • Fist It Anal Fisting Lubricant 500 ml

  • Fist It Extra Thick Lubricant Rainbow 500ml

  • Fist It Sperm Lubricant 25ml

  • Fist It Sperm Lubricant 500ml

  • Fist It Sperm Lubricant 500ml Pump Bottle

  • Master Series Jizz Cum Scented Water-Based Lube 236ml

  • Fist It Lube Shooter

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