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Locking Up Your Love: A Beginner’s Guide to Male Chastity

locking up your love a beginners guide to male chastity

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? 

Do you have a submissive side you’re desperate to unleash?

Then chastity for men might be just the thing to rock your world.  

From discovering the best chastity device to understanding how to measure for chastity (and everything in between) our chastity for beginners guide has everything you need to know to realise all those horny, unadulterated fantasies.

So, sit back, relax, and check out our beginner’s guide to male chastity.


What is chastity?

Chastity play refers to the idea of being chaste and denying or prolonging sexual pleasure and arousal. At its most basic, it’s the act of locking your (or your partner’s) penis into a chastity device to prevent sex, masturbation, orgasms or even getting normal erections. 

It revolves around your chastity keyholder locking your genitals up in chastity devices – a cage, a belt, or something similar, and not having the option to remove it until they say so. The keyholder gets to be in charge and decides if and when to unlock you and allow you to climax. It really is its own form of torture but in the best possible way. 

Male chastity doesn’t mean you won’t have sex, it just means you’ve handed control of what happens and when to your chastity keyholder…and you’ll be so worked up that you’ll go along with whatever they say.

To make the most of male chastity, there should be a lot of orgasm denial, mind-blowing teasing, and other kinky games. The power is in the keyholder’s hands, which can be a huge turn-on for both of you. Really, it’s down to the couple, so have fun creating your own sordid fantasies. 


Why you should try male chastity

It might seem a bit bonkers, after all, isn’t pleasure like the main point of sex?

Well, yes, but we’re all familiar with the saying ‘good things come to those who wait,’ right? So imagine how incredibly good it could feel if you experience all the build-up, anticipation, and ejaculate until your chastity keyholder FINALLY unlocks you.

The result? Pretty much the best sex and ejaculation of your life. 

And as for the chastity keyholder, you get to have a lot of fun too. With his cock in a cage, belt, or another chastity device, he’s guaranteed to do pretty much anything you say. If you’re used to a more submissive role in the bedroom, this is your chance to wield the power. Use the key as a bargaining tool and use it to get whatever you want. A back massage? An hour of foreplay? The housework?

(Hey, not everything has to be dirty!)

If he misbehaves or doesn’t do as you say then keep that cock under lockdown. He’ll be kept in a constant state of horniness until you decide to release him. Feels good to have all that power, doesn’t it?


Safety first

In order for you and your partner to enjoy ultimate satisfaction and get the most out of your chastity devices, it’s important to keep things safe. No one wants an unexpected trip to A&E to kill the mood after all.

First things first, spend some time choosing the perfect chastity device for you (more on that below). Once you’ve chosen your cage, whip it out of the packaging and spend some time getting to know it. Take it apart and put it back together again, basically, get yourself (and your partner) really used to it. 

Tolerance is something that should be built up slowly, so start by wearing your cage for an hour or two and gradually increase the wear time until you can tolerate it for as long as possible. Never wear a new chastity device for days on end on the first try, ensure you break it in slowly to grasp its limitations and capabilities. 

You might also want to consider shaving your pubes to avoid getting them snagged in the cage. Ouch! 

Remember, chastity play is more about psychological sexual torture and arousal denial as opposed to physical harm. The idea is to feel firmly held and like you’re not in control of your cock, so if you feel any undesired pain or discomfort you should whip it off.

So, enjoy the pleasure male chastity brings but always play safe and never push yourself to the point where it becomes painful or traumatic. 


Types of chastity devices

There is a whole world of eye-opening chastity devices out there to discover. Some hold your cock and balls so firmly in place they never allow you to become fully aroused. Oh, the sweet painful pleasure! This is known as a chastity cage, but there are other devices to choose from if the idea of a cage doesn’t float your boat. 

Chastity cage

A chastity cage is unobtrusive and discreet, and while its name might summon ideas of Medieval torture, the chastity cage is a much more arousing device. It provides not just great ventilation, but amazing security to deny any chance of escaping. You can choose a cage made from several materials, including silicone, plastic, and metal

A chastity device design is pretty straightforward, as it’s based on the male anatomy. They mostly consist of a ring seated around the base of the penis behind the scrotum, and a tube or penis cage that keeps your cock in place. The two parts connect together with a hinge-like component and is designed so the penis inside can’t be stimulated. 

Most cages have one or more holes to allow you to pee through, and some have vents to allow you to wear them for long-term chastity. 

The base ring and cage are usually secured together with a lock (or another secure device). When the cage is locked, it traps the balls in the gap between the ring and the penis cage and is held in a fixed position.

Chastity belt

This is the one that summons images of an era gone by when maidens were kept chaste and virtuous. 

Fast forward to today and a chastity belt is a secure and comfortable device that allows it to be worn long-term. However, it is a little bulky and isn’t as conspicuous as a chastity cage, so if discreetness is your priority, then this might not be for you.

Chastity tube

A chastity tube is lightweight and discreet but you have to make sure you keep on top of your hygiene as moisture build-up is a common factor with a tube. It also might be uncomfortable for uncircumcised penises, especially if it has a slit opening at the tip. 


How to measure for a chastity device

Wondering how tight your chastity cage should be? We’ve got you.

Measuring yourself for a chastity cage is super important to ensure you get the most pleasure from your chastity games. 

The aim is for your meat and veg to be held tight and firm by the cage as, if it’s too loose, you’ll have too much freedom and movement and won’t experience the full benefits of a chastity cage. On the other hand though, you don’t want it so tight that it does actual damage to your little soldier. 

So, just like Goldilocks, you’ve gotta get the size just right. Here are a few tips to ensure you choose the perfect size cage for your crown jewels.

  • Use a piece of string to measure the length and girth of your little soldier while flaccid. 
  • Measure the circumference of your penis around the base, behind your balls, and up over your cock. Make sure the string is pulled firm but not tight to get an accurate measurement.
  • Now repeat the measurements but this time while you’re erect.
  • Make sure you write all the measurements down!

Now you know your measurements, you can start shopping and choose a chastity cage that will fit you perfectly.


Choosing your first chastity devices

If you’re trying out male chastity for the first time, then you might want to try a chastity cage made out of silicone. Silicone models are well-priced, come in a bunch of styles and colours, and are a little more forgiving for chastity newbies.

Cages, tubes, and belts are usually available in plastic, leather, silicone, and metal. Starting with silicone and working your way up to metal options allows you to get used to the feel and function of a chastity device without getting too overwhelmed. Once you’re ready to graduate, you might find you’re excited about the challenge of wearing a full-on metal cage. The thought alone is enough to get the juices flowing!


Keep it clean

As with all types of kinky fun, it’s important to keep things hygienic…while playing dirty of course.

Here’s how to stay on top of your hygiene while enjoying the pleasures of chastity devices:

  1. Ensure your penis is clean before using a chastity cage.
  2. Clean your cage in warm soapy water before and after each use.
  3. Dry yourself and your cage fully before slipping it on.
  4. Make sure you clean your penis and the cage thoroughly after using the toilet.
  5. To avoid any painful frictions, apply lube or lotion to your testicles and around the cage.


Getting started

OK. You’ve chosen the best chastity device for you, now what?

To start getting familiar with your new lockdown partner, we suggest popping your penis in a thin sock before inserting it into the cage. Once it’s comfortably in place, pull the sock out through the urination slot and enjoy the sensations of your new toy.

You might want to experiment with the different rings your cage/tube comes with, just to make sure you find the perfect fit. It’s also a good idea to slather on the lube on any part of the cage that will be touching your skin. Not only does this feel amazing but it ensures optimum comfort while your little soldier gets used to the sensation of the enclosure.

Finally, you need to break your cage in and work your wear time up. Start with a couple of hours every day and increase the wear time bit by bit. 

Introduce your chosen chastity keyholder to your new friend and show them how it works. Then, hand over the key, and let the sexual gratification begin!


What next?

The world of male chastity has been opened to you…and you like it.

Naturally, you might be thinking, what’s next?

Well my friend, if you feel like you’ve been there, done that with your current chastity device, then the next step for you might be to go for an upgrade to intensify your chastity play.

There are so many amazing, intriguing, and tantalising chastity devices out there to heighten your experience, and lots of them feature a plethora of lip-biting extras such as spikes and penis plugs. Don’t let your eyes bulge out too far just yet! This might sound intimidating, but once you’ve discovered the pleasures of male chastity, then it’s totally natural to want to experiment with other forms of BDSM. 

The world truly is your horny oyster.


Dive into male chastity

With great power comes great denial! Now you know everything about male chastity, the fun can really begin.

We hope you enjoyed our male chastity guide and learned a few new kinky things. Check out our range and choose the best chastity device for you and your partner. Enjoy. 

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