Ouch Glow In The Dark 3.5 Inch Silicone Chastity Device


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Ouch Glow In The Dark 3.5 Inch Silicone Chastity Device

Embrace your inner control freak with the Ouch Glow In The Dark 3.5 Inch Silicone Chastity Cage! πŸ˜ˆπŸ”’ Sometimes, taking control is just too tempting, especially when it comes to your partner’s prized possession. If you’re looking for a tool that delivers inescapable, securely locking control, then look no further. Oh, and did we mention it glows in the dark? Talk about adding some extra excitement to your naughty adventures!

This silicone cock cage is all about simplicity and security. Made from soft, sexy, and temperature-sensitive silicone, it’s built to trap your or your partner’s entire shaft in a tamper-proof tube. Once it’s on, there’s no getting out without permission. We like to call it a sexy prison for your manhood!

To put it on, or take it off (with permission, of course), you’ll need to choose the right size. The cage comes with four possible base rings and spacers, which means you can customize the fit to your liking. Once you have the three interlocking pieces together, apply some water-based lube, gently guide your testicles through the base ring, and then carefully bend your non-erect shaft into the cage. Voila, you’re locked up and ready to play!

Now, let’s talk about security. A classic padlock and two keys are included with your purchase. Make sure to keep at least one key in a super safe place because this padlock isn’t your average easy-to-pick lock. Safety first, my friend! And don’t worry about any airport mishaps – the cage comes with five plastic lock tags that (probably) won’t raise any eyebrows or set off alarms. Phew!

Cleaning is a breeze with this body-safe silicone cage. Just use warm soapy water or a toy care fluid/foam to keep things squeaky clean. If you’re in the mood for extra sterilization, you can boil or bleach it (remove all plastic pieces first). We’ve got your hygiene covered.

So, if you’re looking to add some thrilling control and glow-in-the-dark fun to your playtime, the Ouch Glow In The Dark 3.5 Inch Silicone Chastity Cage is your ticket to pleasure and control like never before. Get ready to lock things down and unleash your inner dominator!

Remember, this chastity cage is all about exploring boundaries and indulging in some delightful power dynamics. But play responsibly and always make sure to establish clear communication and consent with your partner. After all, pleasure and safety go hand in hand.

So, whether you’re looking to add a glow-in-the-dark twist to your BDSM adventures or want to spice things up with some exciting control, the Ouch Glow In The Dark 3.5 Inch Silicone Chastity Cage is here to fulfil your desires. Lock up, have fun, but always prioritize open communication and respect. Enjoy your tantalizing journey into the world of chastity and control!πŸ”‘


  • Firm glow-in-the-dark silicone cock cage for inescapable chastity play and erection denial
  • Lock into erection denial with this 3.5 inch cock cage
  • Gives the key-holder optimal power over sexual gratification!
  • 4 x plastic ball rings included for the perfect fit
  • Take your BDSM play to the next level! Control or be controlled
  • Firm silicone cock cage designed for longer wear and prolonged orgasm denial
  • Lightweight cock cage features multiple air vents & a urination slot for optimum hygiene
  • Includes plastic locks as well as a metal lock and key for escape-free fun

Measuring Up

Length: 5.5″ (140mm)

Insertable Length: 3.5″ (90mm)

Inner Dimeter: 1.4″ (35mm)

Ring Diameters: 45mm, 50mm, 55mm & 60mm

How It Feels

Material: Silicone, Polycarbonate & Metal

Flexibility: Rigid


Colour: Green & Black

Fastening: Ring & Padlock

Waterproof: Yes

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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