The art of sex and self-pleasure during lockdown!

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Lockdown Sex

The art of sex and self-pleasure during lockdown!

We know that Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown has had an impact on the majority of us all around the world. We have all had to adjust to different ways of working and of socialising with our friends.

Another way that lockdown has impacted our lives, one which we may not even realise is our sex lives. What do we mean by this? How has lockdown affected both our self-pleasure and our sex lives within a couple?

We have more time

One of the main ways that we have seen lockdown impact our sex lives is because we have more time for ourselves or for one another. Many people have been able to work from home, or have been furloughed from their jobs, which means that they are not rushing around trying to be in a variety of different places at once.

When we have a little more free time, one of the best ways to spend it is on our own pleasure. Many couples have reignited their passion for one another, not only having sex more regularly but also trying out new things too. Such as sex toys. Like the Happy Rabbit Couples Stimulating USB Rechargeable Rabbit Love Ring.

We are apart

If you are a couple who live apart, then lockdown might not have been about sex as you know it. With those who are outside of each other’s household not able to see one another and sex definitely out of the question. Couples have had to find new and inventive ways to be intimate with one another.

Phone sex, sexting and simply just fantasising about one another are a great way to bring you both together. However, one great idea is to try out couple’s sex toys. Now, we know that this can be hard when you are not sharing a bed, which is why we recommend looking into the Lush 2.0 by Lovesense wireless Bluetooth vibrator and the Nora Rabbit Vibrator by Lovesense too, These sex toys are controlled via an app, which means that you can be in charge of the pleasure of your partner no matter where you are.

We are alone

It might not sound great to be alone, but when it comes to taking out time to self-pleasure, then being alone is pretty great news. When you are not going to be interrupted with random visits from family members and friends, you can really focus on yourself. Whilst not everyone will admit that they are a fan of masturbation, this is something that most of us will do. So, what better reason to explore your own self-pleasure then when you are totally alone?

We know that lockdown might not be the best of times and plenty of people have really struggled over the past few months, however, there are plenty of positives to come from us being stuck at home. Find your own self-pleasure or rediscover your sex life as a couple, let us know what you got up to during lockdown!

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