Stick A Dick Hunk Game


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Stick A Dick Hunk Game

Get ready to bring some adult humor and a lot of laughs to your party with Stick A Dick – Hunk Edition! It’s like a grown-up version of the old classic, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” but with a cheeky twist. Get ready to unleash your inner artist and stick a dick on the hunk!

Here’s how it works: Unfold the almost life-size naked man and get ready to make your move. Put the blindfold on, pick one of the 12 cute and reusable sticky dicks, put on your mask to keep it anonymous, and then give yourself a little spin around. Feeling dizzy yet? Now comes the best part – place your chosen sticker where you think it should go!

The results are bound to be hilarious, as each person’s placement may take the hunk’s anatomy in unexpected directions. And if you end up being closest to the target, you’ll be cock-a-hoop and crowned the “clever dick” with a sticker to prove it. It’s all about having a great time, sharing laughs, and experiencing a truly memorable party moment with your friends.

So get ready to stick it to the hunk and show off your sense of humour with Stick A Dick – Hunk Edition. It’s a unique and hilarious game that guarantees laughter and unforgettable memories. Let the fun begin, and may the best “clever dick” win!


  • Perfect party game for adults
  • A hilarious party game for the filthy-minded
  • Based on the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey


Players: 2+

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