Bigger Or Smaller Card Game Boobies Edition


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Bigger Or Smaller Card Game Boobies Edition

Prepare for an outrageous twist on the classic game with the Bigger or Smaller Card Game: Boobies Edition! Get ready to put your breast size guessing skills to the ultimate test in this mischievous and hilarious party game. It’s a guaranteed hit at stag parties or any gathering that’s up for a good time. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and face the hilarious consequences?

The rules of Bigger or Smaller are delightfully simple. One player draws a card, and it’s up to another player to guess whether the next card’s value will be bigger or smaller. But hold on tight because here comes the twist – if you guess wrong, be prepared for a side-splitting forfeit!

Inside each pack of Bigger or Smaller, you’ll find 26 A5-sized picture cards featuring unique and uncensored boobies images that are sure to keep everyone laughing. Each card is numbered, representing the size of those lovely lady lumps. They range from 2 (yeah, you read that right!) all the way up to Ace (which, let’s hope, has some Photoshop magic involved). Get ready for endless entertainment as you cheer for correct guesses and playfully tease your friends for their not-so-lucky predictions.

To start the game, the dealer flips over a card to the player on their right, and the excitement begins. Each player must tap into their intuition and sizing skills to guess whether the next card will be bigger or smaller. But beware, getting it wrong can lead to some laugh-out-loud consequences!

For those who make an incorrect guess, the penalty can range from taking a shot or sipping drinks for the number of seconds corresponding to how far off their guess was. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, add a spicy truth-or-dare element to the game. A wrong guess might result in downing a shot or removing a piece of clothing. Let your imagination run wild and make this game as daring and outrageous as you desire!

So gather your friends, grab a deck of Bigger or Smaller cards, and get ready for an evening filled with laughter, surprises, and a healthy dose of friendly competition. It’s time to put your size-predicting powers to the test and create unforgettable memories together. Get ready to play, laugh, and go wild with the Bigger or Smaller Card Game: Boobies Edition!


  • Perfect party game for adults
  • A perfect cheeky gift for your loved ones
  • A hilarious card game for the filthy-minded
  • Based on the classic game of higher or lower


Players: 2+

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