Stainless Steel The Prison Bird Chastity Cage


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Stainless Steel The Prison Bird Chastity Cage

Lock up your man’s cock and balls in this fully adjustable prison bird chastity cage! He will do some not-so-hard time in this chastity prison, lock him away and put away the key!

With a cuff-like design, the base ring of this device accommodates 4 different sizes (40, 45, 50 & 55mm). Lock the ring in place with the pin-in-hole plate system to trap his balls in the confines of that stainless steel ring. Meanwhile, his flaccid shaft will be stuck in the small metal cage with no escape!

This beautiful stainless steel chastity device will keep his penis from any straying hands and will prevent any stimulation while he’s locked inside.

Three spacers allow you to adjust the cage to fit his length. Lock him up and watch him struggle for as long as you want! This device has holes on the side and is breathable to allow for personal hygiene while confined, it also includes a hole in the tip for him to urinate through for long-term use.


  • Fully adjustable double-hinged handcuff style cock ring and padlock to ensure penis stays caged
  • Comes with three spacers to find the perfect length
  • Side vents for long-term wearing comfort and easy washing
  • Pee hole for easy urination
  • Stainless steel design keeps your penis from receiving any stimulation an unpermitted touching

Measuring Up

Length: 2.95″-3.74″ (75mm-95mm)

Inner Dimeter: 1.5″ (34mm)

Ring Diameters: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm & 55mm

How It Feels

Material: Stainless Steel

Flexibility: Rigid


Colour: Silver

Fastening: Cuff-Like Steel Ring & Padlock

Waterproof: Yes

Cleaning: Toy Cleaner or Warm Soapy Water

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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