Ouch Deluxe Door Swing


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Ouch Deluxe Door Swing

Take erotic play to new heights. Literally. Explore new positions with any ordinary door! Who knew door could be so much fun.

To explore the delights of vertical play, add this simple restraint to your toy box. Cushioned seat comfortably supports your partner’s weight, while handles near the top of the straps give safety and balance. Adjust each strap to your height and raise your companion to the optimal level for smooth insertion. Hooray! No more twisting, bending, or tiptoeing!

Just place the 2 heavy-duty metal tubes over the top of any open door, close the door and lock for safety. Adjust to a comfortable height and get ready for the time of you life.

Sets up in minutes. No permanent installation is needed.

The swing holds up to 400kg / 881lbs. Comes with 2 heavy duty metal door jam tubes, 2 acrylic leverage handles, padded seat, and a free satin eye mask.

Please note: We recommend you weight test your door before every use. The swing itself supports approximately 400kg/882lb/63st.


  • Over-the-door sex swing to help you achieve standing-up sex with ease
  • Sturdy metal tubes offer reliable support over any closed household door
  • Strong Nylon and cushioned fabric offer durability and comfort
  • Thigh supports and handles ensure safety and balance during use
  • Easy pack down with no permanent fixtures

Measuring Up

Size: Adjustable

How It Feels

Material: Nylon & Metal

Flexibility: Flexible


Colour: Black

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Pros: Easy to put up and very solid
Cons: Quite noisy to use
Swing life away!

I was initially very cautious of placing my partner into a sex swing on the back of our bedroom door. I imagined a trip to A&E with a lot of explaining to do.. When putting it up I quickly realised I had nothing to worry about.
It is really easy to install and solid, meaning you can relax, think about your performance and your gravity defying new sex life!

I imagined that the material straps would rub, especially if you’re enjoying yourselves! My partner was however very impressed, no discomfort at all. It meant we were able to stay comfortable and settle into a longer session!

When using the sex swing we both realised that it is not a quiet product, there is obviously quite a lot of knocking and banging around when using it.. maybe stick some music on to cover some of the noise..

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