Luxury Leather Sling and Stirrups for Ultimate Penetration


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Put your partner in the ultimate penetration position, just imagine having your partner’s legs spread wide, giving you easy access to what lies in between? With this luxury leather sling and stirrups combination, they will be flat on their back with their legs spread wide in the air giving you an all access pass. The ankle and thigh cuffs help hold your partners legs in place for the long haul, no more complaints of fatigue!. So what will you do, with those legs spread wide? Will you use a wand massager? Will you give them the ultimate oral sex? Will you proceed to penetrate and pound them? Also ideal for CBT. The choices are up to you and the only thing your partner can do is spread ’em wide and wait!

How to Use:
? Place the head/neck padding around your partner’s head.
? Place the thigh cuffs around your partner’s thighs. The cuffs are connected to the neck pad using a quicklink and belt buckle system. Use the thin strap through the metal loop and belt to secure the cuffs to the thighs.
? Perform the same procedure with the ankle cuffs. The ankle cuffs are connected to the neck pad using a quicklink, 19″ chain and belt buckle system. Secure the ankle cuffs to your partner using the thin strap through the metal piece and belt.
? Once those legs are spread apart, the rest is up to you. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality,very good neck support.The leg cuffs really keep them up.Thanks for your advice.