Genitals to Arm Wooden Pillory


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Genitals to Arm Wooden Pillory

Cute femdom humiliation pillory for brutal linking of hands to male genitalia (penis plus scrotum). Bring up your restraint tactics to a whole new level and keep your slave under control. Unique Lederhalt’s design, splined connection and fixing with a single pin.


  • This piece has a unique lederhalt’s design
  • Hands to male genitalia pillory
  • Mixing two of the best things, restraints and CBT
  • Cock & Ball Torture at its best
  • Demand your slave to remain loyal with this brutal CBT device
  • Fix the restraint and clamp it around his genitals
  • Forces your submissive to remain submissive; if they attempt to move their arms, the device gives a sharp, harsh tug around his genitals

Measuring Up

Length: 20″ (500mm)

Wrist Hole Diameter: 2.6″ (66mm)

Penis Hole Diameter: 2″ (50mm)

Width: 1.4″ (35mm)

Height: 4.5″ (115mm)

How It Feels

Material: Wood, Metal

Flexibility: Rigid


Colour: Black

Fastening: Single Pin with Pad Lock

Waterproof: Yes

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

Customer Reviews

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Sensory Tim

For long sessions of pleasure or punishment, the genitals to arm wooden pillory fit snugly without pinching. It's particularly horrible to have the wrists captured in close proximity to the genitals but unable to defend them. The design is also suitable for spanking, as it prevents the butt from being protected by the hands. When attached to the pillory it makes it hard to move especially when its a reflex. It is well-made and highly recommended.

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