Cat O’ Nine Tail with Round Braid Lash with Horse Hair Tips


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Cat O’ Nine Tail with Round Braid Lash with Horse Hair Tips

A totally unique handcrafted, cat o’ nine tail that has a feeling like nothing before. This is a 32″ black cat o’nine with two black leather turk head knots and nine round braid lashes with horsehair tips, it creates an altogether different sensation than other floggers.

The braided handle gives you a firmer grip and includes a looped handle strap for controlled handling and easy to hang up, so it will always be to hand.

These floggers are handcrafted so no two are alike and measurements may vary slightly from those stated.


  • Cat O’ nine tail flogger with horsehair tips creates a totally unique sensation
  • Looped handle strap for controlled handling and easy to store
  • Made from high-quality leather and horsehair
  • Braided handle gives you a firmer grip

Measuring Up

Length: Approx. 32″ (813mm)

How It Feels

Material: Leather & Horse Hair

Flexibility: Firm & Flexible


Colour: Black

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Pros:: Beautiful design - an art piece. Devastatingly painful.
Cons:: Hard to control for a novice. Devastatingly painful.
Knot-Nice Pain


When Sir saw this, his eyes went wide like he'd just found the holy grail. I was excited. ..but mostly scared. I mean look at it!!. ...It's just sooo black, sooo shiny, and weaved to tight-perfection. It's such a beautiful toy: you could buy it just to hang on the wall or have it to hold, like some kind of evil twisted teddy bear!!


It's always worth spending the extra to get nice, good quality toys. But this one is quite reasonably priced for what it is. And it really exudes quality. You could spend hours just running it through your fingers and over your sub's back. This praise comes with an important caveat though and mark my words: Practice makes perfect. I would not recommend using the cat o' nine tails as your first flogger. It's difficult to precisely control and the odd tail can go astray. You need to be careful with this toy: Practice on a pillow, spend time perfecting your technique because one wrongly delivered strike can REALLY hurt and move into not-nice-pain. This toy leaves marks - it's a bruiser - every time, guaranteed - and believe me my girl doesn't bruise easily. This toy is meant for masochists only, certainly not an entry level pain device.


This toy hurts. really hurts (which fortunately, I like) it takes a lot of concentration and a Dom who is totally in-tune with your rhythms and who is able to wield it correctly. It's the perfect combination of a sting and a thud, neither one nor the other more. But both . its devastating effect.

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