Rouge Leather Handle Suede Flogger – Black


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Rouge Leather Handle Suede Flogger – Black

Whether you want to tickle and tease or awaken the spanking demon inside you, the top quality Rouge Leather Handle Suede Flogger will cater to the needs of the user for that BDSM spanking fun – it feels sensational against bare skin, smells irresistible and makes an impressive ‘slapping’ sound during play.

A leather wrapped wooden handle with square tipped suede falls with plenty of thuddy goodness will quickly become your favourite flogger, making it one you will reach for time and time again.

This flogger can be used in many different sensation play styles, whether you whip it, drape it, flick it or just brush with the soft suede falls.

Available in a variety of colours

• Made with 100% Genuine leather.
• Perfectly weighted
• Suede flogger with a leather handle.
• Practical and stylish
• Stylish flogger for teasing or stinging on feet or where you may desire


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pros: Nice weighty feel, high quality suede, nice thuddy slapping sound, sensational against the skin.
Cons: There are no dislikes from our household
These whips and chains excite me

This flogger feels great in the hand, it has a nice little weighty feel to it and the individual suede lengths are of a lovely thicker quality.
The flogger makes a sensational thudding slap when struck on bare skin and feels incredible if caught at the end of the suede on the nipples, like a painful flick.

I love the feel of it hard whilst bending over across my bum cheeks, and I also love the way it makes the cheeks ripple if struck whilst stood up with arms suspended from the ceiling.

This beautiful little flogger looks great hung up on the wall amongst various other BDSM equipment and is usually one of mine and my husbands go to’s, as it’s small enough for closer contact compared to other items such as whips, paddles, chains etc.

This flogger not only feels great to touch and whilst being used with force, it’s also perfect for teasing the skin using soft gentle strokes.

I would 100% recommend this to add to the bedroom to help spice things up wether you are into heavy BDSM or light sensational play, this flogger does it all when in the right hand.

Pros: Nice tail lengths.
Cons: None!
Very good flogger!

As a sun on receiving end of this I can say it is very good for multiple purposes, my dom runs it up and down my body to tease me and it really heightens your senses, and then for punishment the whip it gives is also very good!

Sensory Tim

This flogger is great, the quality is amazing. All the tails make for a fuller feeling than others we have tried, so you know you're being flogged. The length of the tails is great for making sure you can whip quite hard but can also be gentle as well, great for different sensations. We tried using the pinwheeel we got after and the OH said it was amazing.