Bathmate Hydromax 5 Penis Enlarger


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The Bathmate Hydromax 5 (which was the X20) is a dynamic new addition to the Hydromax range. This hydrotherapy penis pump is the smallest in the range and fits average and smaller penises with a length of up to 6 inches. This pump has a smaller vessel that encourages speedy results. Use it for just 10 ? 15 minutes a day for impressive visible results.

The Hydromax 5 penis pump comes with a couple of exciting improvements. It has improved suction thanks to the all-new double rib seal insert and the smaller vessel ensures that optimal pressure is delivered to increase the speed of growth. This penis pump has 0.55 bar of pressure ? the same as you?ll find in its large counterparts. The suction is powerful but safe and ensures that your penis is in optimal health. The Bathmate Hydromax 5 is designed for use in the bath or the shower and uses water to work up to impressive results. A gauge helps you to stay on track and see your results as you grow while a swivel gaiter ensures that you can use your Bathmate comfortably in any position you like.

Avaliable in Clear and Red.

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