Titus Silicone Series | PUPPY TAIL Butt Plug: Medium


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Puppy play has exploded in the last couple of years, with Pup groups and nights spanning gender and sexuality springing up internationally.
The new Titus Silicone Series Puppy Tail Butt Plugs are made of 100% of medical grade silicone. Silky smooth and with just the right amount of squish, these plugs are not only stimulating but also super comfortable for longer wear. The neck of the plug is ribbed for extra stimulation. The long, textured tails are animated, wagging with your body for a happy, expressive plug.
We are sure you will be the happiest puppy in the pen as the 3 rims around the base tingles and stimulate the inside of your anus.
Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Additional information

Old Model

PUPPY TAIL Butt Plug: Medium


100% Medical Grade Silicone – Pthalates-Free

Size Info

Circumference at Widest Point ? 5.8 inches Insertable Length ? 4.1 inches Ribs Length ? 0.5 inches Tail Length ? 7 inches




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