Stainless Steel Nipple Trainer


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Our nipple stretchers allow for the spectacular elongation of pierced nipples, (either as a temporary sensation, or a permanent stretch).

Each kit comprises of 1 back plate, front plate and 4 screws.

The wearers nipple jewellery is removed. The back plate (with 4 concave dimples) is placed against the chest and over the nipple, with the dimples facing forward. The top plate is then placed on the top of the back plate, the four holes on the top in alignment with the four dimples. The locating bar is then passed through the piercing, and sits in the recessd channel on the top plate. The four screws are then introduced, one at a time and slowly turned to draw the plates apart. The nipple stretches forward.

Please be VERY careful with this device. Do not overstretch! Do not tear the flesh! Do not wear for long peroids of time!! If the nipple feels numb, remove the device immediately to allow the blood to flow freely again.

Each kit is for one nipple trainer only.

These pieces have an internal diameter of 15mm

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