Stainless Steel Medieval Head Cage


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This stainless steel head cage is a device for those into heavy bondage and/or dungeon situations. This style of device was used in medieval times to punish those who misbehaved. This head cage is hinged at the side and opens with an allen key. Once this head cage is locked on the submissive only the person with the key can unlock.
3 x 1″ O-rings are attached at the top, front and back of the neck, allowing chains and restraints to be attached in any way you wish. The open mouth is designed for you to have access to their mouth for feeding, gags or for oral services.

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Stainless Steel Medieval Head Cage


Stainless Steel

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It is 13" tall and 12" from back to end of nosepiece. The inside perimeter fits necks up to 18.5".


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