Stainless Steel Mawa Nipple Clamp with Bouncing Weight


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Stainless Steel Mawa Nipple Clamp with Bouncing Weight

Lovers of extreme nipple play will love our newest and most extreme nipple clamps with a sliding weight! and also enjoy the exciting feeling between pure pleasure and pain!

Our high-quality Mawa nipple clamps are made from stainless steel. These heavy-duty clamps include a vinyl coating for a firm, secure grip and to protect the nipples. What makes these nipple clamps unique is the stainless steel weight which can move freely up and down on a 100mm metal rod.

The weights give the clamps that extra pull, especially developed for an amazing sensation when the weights are pushed upwards, and then dropped down quickly with a jerk!

Of course, the evil nipple clamps not only provide a lot of pleasure on the nipples but can also be used on many other body parts during a BDSM session. For example, you can try the clamps out on the foreskin, the scrotum or use them as labia clamps.

As the nipples are among the most sensitive parts of the body for both men and women, nipple clamps are particularly suitable for erotic stimulation between pleasure and pain. Whether for BDSM beginners or SM professionals – this kind of pleasurable pain can trigger previously unimagined and ecstatic feelings.

What do nipple clamps do? Tender or hard stimulation of the nipple:

Pain can be totally stimulating during sex and the nipples in particular are very sensitive to this. Nipples react immediately to gentle bites, pinches and of course, nipple clamps. Our nipple clamps are not just for SM lovers or the BDSM community. Nipple clamps can also be imaginatively included in foreplay, thus providing some variety during sex. There are no limits to your imagination.

Please Note; This is for one single clamps


  • Use these clamps to increase sensation in your nipples, scrotum, labia and enhancing pleasure
  • Easy to use to place the clamp on your desired erogenous zone and lift the weight and drop quickly
  • Vinyl coating for a secure comfy grip
  • Uni-sex and for beginners and professionals alike

Measuring Up

Length: 6.3″” (160mm)

Diameter: 1.2″ (30mm)

Weight: 180g

How It Feels

Material: Stainless Steel

Flexibility: Rigid


Colours: Stainless Steel

Waterproof: Yes

Cleaning: Toy Cleaner & Warm Soapy Water

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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