Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher with Crusher Bar


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For those who like ball stretchers, but are looking for a little some thing extra, then Saints & Sinners has just the thing. A stainless steel weighted ball stretcher with the added bonus of a ball crusher bar. You simply place you testicles into the 35mm internal diameter split ring ball stretcher, then fasten it together using the allen key supplied and then by turning the wing nuts you higher the crusher bar.

This can be used as a ball crusher or turn the bar 90 degrees and it can be used as a serious ball spreader.

Who has the balls to try this out! sorry, cheesy we know..but seriously do you? We dare you to try!

Customer Reviews

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Pros: Quality build. Explosive sensation (literally)
Cons: A little on the pricey side
Where pain meets pleasure

This is the first time i've tried CBT devices and I have to say.... I'm never going back to the plain and boring!

I've always loved the feeling of my berries being squeezed but this little device took me to the next level! Not only is it a ball stretcher, but it's also a crusher! With every turn, the pain is heightened... the ache starts off quite dull but gets more and more intense. From my experience... make sure you're being stroked the whole time and await the explosion.

Pain meets pleasure... which will win? You're play friend will decide.