Stainless Steel 2 Piece 40mm Oval Ball Stretcher


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This weighty stainless steel ball stretcher has split ring design with a touch of luxury. The rounded edges really make this ball stretcher stand out, both in feel and looks.

The split ring means that instead of having to insert the testicles/scrotum through the stretcher you just simply unscrew with the Allen key provided and then place around the scrotum and screw back together. The rounded edges give a more comfortable feel with the same pulling power.

Size guide:

425g: Internal diameter: 35mm / Height: 30mm

570g: Internal diameter: 35mm / Height: 40mm

900g:Internal diameter: 35mm / Height: 60mm

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Old Model

Stainless Steel 2 Piece Oval Ball Stretcher 40mm


Stainless Steel

Size Info

Internal diameter 35mm by 40mm height and 570g in weight


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