Spanish Fly Liquid Flavoured Aphrodisiac


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Spanish Fly Liquid Flavoured Aphrodisiac

For good reason, Spanish Fly has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac. Just a few drops are enough to make him or her feel incredibly horny. It is an excellent aphrodisiac, inspiring hard, long-lasting erections and heightened libido. It has been used as a potent aphrodisiac for over 2500 years.

The Spanish Fly chemical was first isolated from beetles that lived in Spain, and the male beetles utilised it to lure females into having sex with them. It has now been replicated in the lab at extremely high concentrations.

Spanish fly liquid increases sexual stimulation, improves sexual activity disposition, and improves mood. It’s a strong aphrodisiac that can be blended with any drink and taken in small doses (no more than 15 drops per day).

Genitals literally tingle with anticipation and the only cure is SEX!!

Suggested use
Use 5-7 drops under the tongue and let dissolve. Use about 30 minutes before sexual activity. Do not use more than two doses per day.


  • Aphrodisiac drops suitable for men and women
  • Increased sex drive
  • Stimulates the body and relax’s the mind
  • Potent formula is fast acting and incredibly effective
  • Enhance sexual stimulation
  • Please note, effects may vary person to person

Measuring Up

Volume: 29.5ml


Bottle Type: Drops

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