Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms x 4


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Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms x 4

Skins Dots & Ribs condoms enhance the pleasure for both you and your partner! Surprise your partner with a little extra sensation as things start to get heated with the help of the raised dots and ribs creating a stimulating feeling for heightened pleasure.

Try the Dots and Ribs condom with extra lubricant to keep the pleasure going for longer.

Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms are made using premium quality latex for clarity and strength.

Nominal width of 52mm, Skins are lubricated with a reservoir end.

When used correctly, Skins Natural Condoms greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, although no method of contraception can give you 100% protection. Please read the leaflet.


  • 4 ribbed and dotted condoms
  • Coated with lube to enhance the fun
  • Scented with light vanilla to remove latex smell
  • 52mm nominal width with a reservoir tip
  • 65 micron latex ensures that natural-feel

Measuring Up

Condom Size: Regular

Length: 7.5″ (190mm)

Condom Thickness: 65 microns

How It Feels

Material: Latex


Pack Size: 4

Condom Features: Ribbed & Dotted

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