Skins Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms x 4


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Skins Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms x 4

Get ready to give them a POP of excitement with the tantalising scent of fruity bubblegum with the Skins Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms. Designed with your partner in mind, these condoms bring sweetness to the taste buds and are extra-lubricated to boost pleasure for both partners.

These bubblegum-flavoured condoms will ‘blow’ your mind! ‘Chews’ these for a deliciously sweet treat. ‘ Pop’ these on for a condom that will make you say “Hubba Hubba” (…ok we’re out of Bubblegum jokes). Rely on Skins Bubblegum for great protection with a touch of sweetness.

Suitable for most men, Skins Bubblegum Condoms have a straight wall and a nominal width of 55mm. They’re 190mm long and have a thickness of 0.065mm – thick enough to resist all kinds of sex yet thin enough to allow for natural sensations.

Nominal width of 55mm, Skins are lubricated with a reservoir end.

When used correctly, Skins Natural Condoms greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, although no method of contraception can give you 100% protection. Please read the leaflet.


  • 4 bubblegum flavoured condoms for safe and delicious sex
  • Coated with lube to enhance the fun
  • 55mm nominal width with a reservoir tip
  • 65 micron latex ensures that natural-feel

Measuring Up

Condom Size: Regular

Length: 7.5″ (190mm)

Condom Thickness: 65 microns

How It Feels

Material: Latex


Pack Size: 4

Condom Features: Bubblegum Flavoured

Allergens: Contains Latex

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