Screaming O RingO Biggies


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Screaming O RingO Biggies

Derived from Screaming O’s most popular ring design, RingO, the Biggies RingO is a thicker version that’s sure to keep you going longer and harder than ever before!

This incredibly tight-fitting cock ring is wrapped around you for one reason only, to restrict that blood flow. For the best grip and the most satisfaction, wear behind the cock and balls or at the base of the penis. What could be better than having more sensitivity and still last longer? Your orgasms will also be stronger because you’ll last longer. The true beauty of this ring is that it is reusable; all it needs is a quick wash in warm, soapy water to be ready to wear once more.

These stretchy cock rings offer simple, no-frills enhancement! Whether enhancing sexual pleasure with a partner, amping up endurance training, boosting masturbation, or sporting a more prominent package, Ring O Biggies are the best choice for impressive results.


  • Thick, stretchy and cushioned cock ring for enhanced erection strength and stamina
  • Stretchy design gives snug and comfortable fit for fantastic results
  • Keeps you rock hard for longer & enables you to put in the perfect performance
  • Thick ring juts out your junk to make it appear larger
  • Wear during solo or couples play

Measuring Up

Size: One Size Fits Most

How It Feels

Material: SEBS

Flexibility: Flexible


Colour: Black

Waterproof: Yes

Cleaning: Toy Cleaner or Warm Soapy Water

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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