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Saints and Sinners Wooden Keyhole Paddle


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Saints and Sinners Wooden Keyhole Paddle

This wicked timber paddle torments and tames with a broad “thuddy” body and two huge slots to reduce air resistance for a seamless swing and to heighten the sting on your sub’s bottom, making it perfect for advanced impact play.

Perfectly crafted to punish any submissive with both style and functionality in mind! The paddle is short enough to encourage accurate aim, and the handle is just wide enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. A leather lanyard can sling around your wrist for safety as it is swung, even with sweaty or lube-coated fingers.

Bend them over and have them bare their ass for a well-deserved beating it will leave any buttocks red and quivering! After a little warm-up with hands or floggers, make them count each smack of the paddle on their ass or thighs. Slap it lightly to deliver a teasing sensation, or more enthusiastically for some no-nonsense pleasure/pain.


  • Wooden spanking paddle for provocative impact play
  • Tenderise your sub’s rump with this tormenting timber spanker
  • Two tawse slits intensify the sting of each impact and enhance streamlining for a swifter blow
  • Genuine leather wrist strap allows a secure grip and easy storage

Measuring Up

Length: 16.7″ (425mm)

Width: 3.6″ (92mm)

How It Feels

Material: Wood & Leather


Colour: Brown

Allergens: Latex Free

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