Extreme Rubber Collar with O-Rings


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A specially designed heavy duty rubber locking collar, the buckle fastening design has an O-ring desin so you can padlock the collar securely around your subs neck. I also incorporates 4 O-rings that allow you to secure or restrain in various positions.

The 4mm rubber is strong and durable and very easy to clean and feels fantastic against your skin.

Customer Reviews

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Pros:: Looks amazing, Rubber makes it extra kinky, 4 points for perfect restriction and v cheap
Cons:: It's not the sort of collar you can wear all day - it's gets too sweaty, the edges of the inside of the collar need filing down, they're a bit too sharp for me
Four Point Fun

This collar is SO cheap for the quality. It's made of chunky rubber (although it feels like silky silicone) - The length should fit most necks and the width is narrow enough to be comfy and wide enough to remind you that it's definitely there! The buckle has a nice and rounded prong which makes it safer, less likely to get tangled in your hair and also provides a convenient hole to fit a padlock to. Mmmm!

We bought this collar specifically for the four point o-rings: front, back, left and right. What we didn't realise of course, that this collar is waterproof - we've always had to remove collars before bath-time. ...but this gave the bathroom treatment a new and exciting twist.

Sir: I attached each o-ring to chains linked in four points on the ceiling (with safety in mind of course) and it added a completely new dimension to our session.

Sub: Being attached to the chains was amazing.it was perfect restriction, comfy with no movement at all (just how I like it!).

This collar is great for the experienced and accessible to those just starting out.