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This bondage crop is the perfect spanking accessory. Super quality classic riding crop with leather loop tip, beautiful braided fabric covered crop, stylish soft touch moulded, easy grip handle and looped handle strap. Looks and feels fantastic and recommended for light bondage play to complete domination. Highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Pros: Price point is excellent, product is sturdy, reliable and does exactly what it promises
Cons: Handle could be slightly more premium-feeling
Who's been a bad girl then?

Ahh the riding crop. There's nothing quite like that swooshing sound as it cuts through the air to get the full and immediate attention of your sub..

This is a solidly build crop with a rather classy look to it, and a good manageable length. Perhaps slightly long if you're the bending-over-the-knee type - I believe there is a shorter variant available for that kind of fun, where the angle is a bit less awkward. I own it in both the black and purple variants, and can definitely vouch for the quality of the manufacturing, although the handle, which understandably needs to be of a material which is easy to grip, felt slightly lower quality than the rest of it. As mentioned in the description, there is also a loop which slips easily over the wrist just so it doesn't fly out of your hand when things get a little enthusiastic. The fabric covering the length of the crop is beguilingly smooth and silky, which is perfect for some pre-emptive stroking and teasing build-up before the real action begins.

The flexibility of crops also means that you have the choice of light, focused, taps with the looped leather tip (I'm a bit dubious whether this is real leather, but for me it doesn't make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things), merely hinting at what may be to come, or you can pull back slightly and strike more firmly across the buttocks or backs of the legs. The cracking noise it makes upon firm impact is rather satisfying as both a giver and a reciever, and it leaves very neat, but very red, raised welting for a fair while. Crops give a "stingy" and more focused impact rather than a "thuddy" sensation that you'd get from something like a paddle, for example, so be sure to spread the action around a little bit.

In addition to bedroom time, this also makes an ideal costume or photoshoot accessory, it looks the (rather menacing) part and is a very reasonable price for what you get. The two that I already own look and perform as good as new even after several years of usage, so I'll definitely be putting the other colour variants on my wishlist to match with other outfits!

Pros: Leaves a decent red stingy mark!
Cons: None
The sound this makes!!

I am usually not the receiving end of this as a sub, and I must say I enjoy it probably more than I'm supposed too, it sounds great on impact. I'd highly recommend it, also I highly recommend it while wearing a butt plug!! Wow!


Great crop. Makes a satisfying cracking noise on contact is just the right size to inflict the perfect amount of pain