Oxballs Tail Handler Belt-Strap Show Tail


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Oxballs Tail Handler Belt-Strap Show Tail

Most pup-tails are a buttplug with a tail, perfect for being a dog at home or with a private group but what if you want to WAG at a bar, parade, event, a puppy-pit…

Tail Handler belt-on show tail slides on your belt so you can wag it anywhere you want—anywhere you don’t want a butt plug and your butt exposed, or where it’s just not good pup etiquette, anywhere you don’t want the random tail-curious tugging or your tail plug.

This thing is beefy; every detail is super textured. The stripes are thick solid colour bars, the bone detail and lettering is deeply embossed, and the grippy “tail-holster” part is super firm even a hard tug will not pop the silicone tail out. With a built-in embedded ring using a much firmer grippy rubber so your tail will stay put… even in a sling… even rolling around in a mosh, on a rim-seat, even in a packed dark room full of pups and handlers…

Tail Handler comes in black & blue, textured full-size silicone tail, so you get the same wag and we know the scale of this tail is just right. Tiny tails just don’t look right, and they don’t wag right.

Every pup need a good handler so Oxballs made one! Woof!


  • Silicone puppy tail belt strap so you can wag your tail to show your appreciation to your owner
  • Transform into your playful alter ego during puppy play
  • Belt harness attaches to your belt putting your wagging tail in a convient postion
  • Firm and flexible silicone tail for the perfect wag

Measuring Up

Length: 14.5″ (368mm)

How It Feels

Material: Silicone

Flexibility: Firm & Flexible


Colour: Black & Blue

Waterproof: Yes

Cleaning: Toy Cleaner & Hot Soapy Water

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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