Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath by Atomic Jock


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The Muscle Cock Sheath is a new cock sheath made from even softer TPR. This one is designed to mould to your dick with a deep sucking sensation. If you want a tighter fit, no need to worry, each Muscle comes with a small silicone stopper that locks perfectly into the grooved indents at whatever length suits your dick. Each sheath has soft TPR ridges that not only feel great gripping your cock, but also adds some cum churning massage sensations. Lube it up, slap it on and enjoy the sloppy sucking enveloping your engorged member as your partner rides on your massive muscle dick.

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Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath



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Overall Length: 9.25?/ 23.495 cm Inner Core Length: 6"/ 15.24 cm Insertable Length: 8? / 20.32 cm Circumference: 6 ? (15.2 cm) + the size of your own dick




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