Mates Comfort Natural Sensations Condoms 9 Pack


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Mates Comfort Natural Sensations Condoms 9 Pack

Bring comfort and pleasure to the party with Mates Comfort Natural Sensations Condoms! These condoms are here to deliver an incredible experience that puts safety and satisfaction at the forefront. Say hello to a whole new level of pleasure!

Designed to provide an almost skin-on-skin sensation, Mates Comfort Condoms give you the ultimate intimate experience. Thin and made to fit comfortably, these condoms will make you feel like you’re getting closer to your partner than ever before. It’s like a super snug and natural embrace!

Safety is a top priority, and that’s why these condoms are made from natural rubber latex. They’re thin but strong, making them perfect for both vaginal and anal intercourse. And here’s the best part: they have no flavour and no latex odour, making them an excellent choice for safe oral play as well. Talk about versatility!

When it comes to pleasure, Mates Comfort Condoms know how to deliver. They are extra-lubricated compared to regular condoms, eliminating friction and enhancing pleasure for both partners. Say goodbye to those worries about vaginal dryness – these condoms have your back. And if you want to add even more slickness, feel free to use additional lube as desired. It’s all about creating a pleasure-packed experience tailored to your needs.

With a nominal width of 52mm, these condoms are an excellent choice for gents who prefer a regular-size fit. They feature an easy-fit shape and a smooth texture on both sides, making them a breeze to roll on. Plus, they feel super soft and silky on the skin, making them suitable for those with sensitivities. Comfort is key, and these condoms are all about that cosy, worry-free feeling.

So, why settle for anything less when you can have the best? Mates Comfort Natural Sensations Condoms are here to bring you unparalleled pleasure and reliability. It’s time to step up your game and experience the ultimate pleasure adventure. Get ready to feel the comfort and enjoy an extraordinary experience that will leave you and your partner wanting more!


  • 9 extra thin condoms for an almost skin on skin feel
  • Coated with lube to enhance the fun
  • 52mm nominal width with a reservoir tip

Measuring Up

Condom Size: Regular

Length: 7.1″ (180mm)

Condom Thickness: 0.070mm

How It Feels

Material: Latex


Pack Size: 9

Condom Features: Thin

Allergens: Contains Latex

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