Master Series Enslaved Slave Chain Nipple Clamps


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Master Series Enslaved Slave Chain Nipple Clamps

Take charge and let everyone know their place with the Master Series Enslaved Slave Chain Nipple Clamps! These bold and powerful clamps are here to keep your slave in line. Are they forgetting their role? Just give a gentle tug, and they’ll be right back where they belong!

The eye-catching font spells out “SLAVE” loud and clear, making a statement that can’t be ignored. These nipple clamps aren’t just for decoration – they mean business. But don’t worry, the nickel-free metal is perfect for sensitive skin, so you can dominate with confidence and care.

These shiny metal clamps are not only visually striking, but they also serve as a wickedly kinky accessory during bondage play. They add that extra touch of excitement and control to your scene.

Adjustability is key, and that’s why these clamps come equipped with screws on each one. You can easily customise and apply just the right amount of pressure to your slave. Every tug, every twist – it’s all in your hands.

Safety is a priority, too. The rubber tips on the clamps ensure that the delicate skin is protected from abrasions and scratches. So, you can indulge in intense play while keeping your slave’s well-being in mind.

So, whether you’re an experienced Dom or a newbie exploring power dynamics, the Master Series Enslaved Slave Chain Nipple Clamps are here to add that exciting edge to your play. Take charge, apply just the right amount of pressure, and let the fun begin. Get ready to unleash your control and leave your slave begging for more. Let the games of dominance and submission commence!


  • Chain nipple clamps for thrilling nipple pinches during intimate play
  • Slave font connects the chain to make a bld statement
  • Adjustable crocodile clamps offer tailorable play for all experience levels
  • Rubber coated tips offer extra comfort during wear
  • Chain enables tugging or weight play for more intense stimulation

Measuring Up

Size: One Size

Adjustable Crocodile Clamps

How It Feels

Material: Metal & Rubber

Flexibility: Rigid


Colour: Black, Silver

Waterproof: Yes

Allergens: Phthalate Free

Allergens: Latex Free