Lola Strait Waistcoat


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Lola Strait Waistcoat Bondage Collection

The Bondage Strait waistcoat will restrict the freedom of your partner so you can enjoy dominance. A completely motionless upper body will give you the right to exercise all your secret desires, and a partner will not be able to keep you.

Create a love story of a different kind and explore your kinky side with this beginner-friendly bondage restraint, bringing power play to any passionate liaison.


  • Exert dominance over your partner with the arm binding strait waistcoat
  • Forces the wearer’s hands and arms into a static position
  • Perfect for couples who want to take the next step in bondage fun
  • Inviting materials and beginner-friendly toys are non-intimidating

Measuring Up

One Size

Plus Size

How It Feels

Material: Nylon & Metal

Flexibility: Flexible


Colour: Black

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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