Leather Collar and Cuffs with Bar


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Leather Collar, cuffs & metal back bar Get your partner into this and they are going no where! What’s that you needed to do something first! TOUGH you should have though about that before we started, you are not going anywhere for a while 😉 Includes: Collar adjustable 13″ – 16.5″ in length, buckle fastening collar x 2″ wide A pair of buckle fastening adjustable cuffs 7.5″ – 11″ in length One 16″ metal bar with ‘O’ ring ends and 2 3 trigger clips Collar and cuffs can be used separately and bar can also be used as a spreader bar.

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Premium quality leather collar and cuffs with metal bar

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Adjustable collar 13-16.5" by 2" wide, wrist cuffs 7.5-11" with 16" bar


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