Me You Us Classic Anal Beads


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Me You Us Classic Anal Beads

These expertly designed Pure Anal Beads are bold and beautiful, and feature five tapered beads for an amazingly pleasurable sensation.

Perfect anal pleasure is within your grasp with the sturdy easy to use handle that allows you to pull out hard and fast ???..pure bliss!!

Customer Reviews

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Pros: They’re a fun piece, both visually and physically.
Cons: Some people may find them uncomfortable.
Classic by name, classic by nature.

I bought these a while back and I thought they would just be a novelty… I thought wrong.

One of the most fun toys I’ve used on myself and when playing with others.

Just lube up and pop them in, they slide in quite nicely and the handle gives you enough control to feel comfortably at ease.

The beads aren’t too big so hopefully they won’t be too intimidating to anal newbies. They add a new dimension of pleasure whilst giving oral sex, and it’s fun to watch a partner use these… if you’re lucky they might let you pull them out.

7 out of ten aubergines, would definitely recommend.