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Stainless Steel Kelly Anal Scope

The Kelly Anal Scope is an excellent stainless steel anal exploratory instrument and is suited for anyone who is into anal, medical or probing play.
After you have inserted the entire device, you can remove the inner metal shaft and leave a nice hollow opening that goes 3″ deep into the anal cavity.

This probing anal penetrator is precision-made from high quality, medical-grade, polished, stainless steel. This anal scope instrument provides an unparalleled opportunity to keep the asshole open in a unique way that is perfect for medical play and training. A rigidly open butt-hole is ideal for serious enema and interrogative probe training, anal games, and ass exploration, play, and use.

For pleasant and gentle anal insertion recommends using a lubricant specially designed for anal penetration.


  • The scope can be easily inserted and positioned perfectly
  • Made from medical-grade body-safe stainless steel
  • The inner probe provides the rounded tip to facilitate easy insertion
  • Keeps the asshole open in a unique way that is perfect for medical play and training

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How It Feels

Material: Stainless Steel


Waterproof: Yes

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