Hismith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine


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Hismith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine

Are you a fucking machine? Well, now we have something that can keep up! With the Hismith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine you will discover the orgasmic world of pounding penetration!

Why not strap down your slave and engage in some seriously sadistic forced orgasm play? Of course, you could keep this supreme sex machine to yourself and enjoy the fucking you deserve with a play partner that can finally keep up!

It’s simple to put together and offers fully adjustable height and angle for customised pleasure. With this adaptable sex machine, you’ll be able to look at your sex play from a whole new perspective and discover all kinds of different positions.  You’ll have everything you need to start playing with your new fuck friend right away, including an 8-inch silicone dildo!

In no time, you’ll be reaching new heights of perverse pleasure with this superior sex machine.

You’ll be brought to an earth-moving climax! You’re free to lose yourself in the pounding pleasure while smoothly adjusting your stimulation with the wired controller or the Bluetooth-controlled mobile App, in the heat of the moment. This mains-powered sex machine is ready to revolutionise your sexual delight.

Take a seat and prepare for the journey of your life! Do you want to take your kink to the next level?

Despite the fact that this fantastic fuck machine is quiet, we cannot guarantee that you will be!


  • Thrusting sex machine for hands-free solo pleasure
  • Bend over and let machines take over your world
  • Find your perfect, thrusting speed with the easy-to-use remote
  • Hit the spot by adjusting the angle
  • Automatic thrusting capability is also good for people with restricted mobility
  • Includes dildo for fucking machine penetration

Measuring Up


Length: 18.4″ (468mm)

Height: 17.7″ (449mm)

Width: 10.2″ (260mm)

Adjustable Angle: 90 degree + Height


Length: 8″ (210mm)


Power Type: Mains Powered

How It Feels

Material: Stainless Steel, ABS

Flexibility: Rigid & Firm


Colour: Black & Silver

Waterproof: No

Cleaning: Toy Cleaner or Warm Soapy Water

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

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