Fist It Lube Shooter


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Fist It Lube Shooter

Load up and shoot out your Fist It lubes just as simple as one, two, three.

This lubricant launcher is made of high-quality plastic and designed for one-handed ease of use. With convenient finger loops, the launcher can be filled with whatever liquid you want and inject with one simple thrust.

The FIST IT lube shooter comes with a cap to prevent the liquid from spilling until the time is right for application. This large lube shooter has a length of 19.2cm with a diameter of 6cm.


  • Put lube exactly where you want it
  • Designed for one-handed operation
  • Reusable, refillable and easy to clean
  • Compatible with all lubes, gels & creams

Measuring Up

Length: 7.5″ (192mm)

Diameter: 2.36″ (60mm)

How It Feels

Material: Plastic

Flexibility: Rigid


Colour: Black

Waterproof: Yes

Cleaning: Warm Soapy Water & Toy cleaner

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

Help & Guides

Beginners Guide To Lubes


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pros: Perfectly sized to get lube exactly where you want it
Cons: Colour takes away from the "medical" feel a bit
Also Great for Medical Fetish Play!

I bought this mostly for medical fetish play and aesthetic, not expecting it to be as useful as it ended up being! The packaging is a little bit in your face and certainly does not mess around with its intended purpose, I definitely had some fun getting partners to unpackage it and seeing their faces.

The item itself is quite well designed and I found it really easy to use despite having petite little hands, I could grip it well despite varying levels of stickiness and slipperiness. The little plastic cap is a nice touch and keeps everything where it's meant to be - depending on the recipient of the lube and the scenario you can wave it around quite intimidatingly beforehand if you desire, without any risk of spillage, but do remember to take the cap off before insertion. The diameter and length are both perfect to deposit a copious amount of lube exactly where you want it - quick and easy, leaving you well prepared for inserting whatever your heart desires.

I have experimented with a few different types of lube and found all have expelled smoothly and fully from the syringe. I would have preferred this in a clear material rather than the black, but this is a minor nitpick really, and it makes no difference at all if you're using this internally, as most people will be.

For post play cleaning you just pull out the internal plunger and give it a good swill in some soapy water/toy cleaner, then leave to dry before reassembling. If you're using something very viscous something like a bottle cleaning brush might be helpful. I would also caution to keep the water tepid, as this sort of material can be prone to developing little hairline cracks when exposed to very high temperatures, and nobody wants tiny shards of plastic in their nooks and crannies do they?

Jamie Clayton
Pros: Easy application, makes play more enjoyable, great value for money
Gets it in nice and deep.

As all experienced anal players will tell you lubing up correctly is essential in providing an enjoyable experience and this shooter is something I wish I had purchased far sooner. Proper internal lubrication provides a far more comfortable experience regardless of what type or size of toy you are using and this shooter is perfect for getting your preferred lubricant into the places your fingers can't reach!!! It's long thin diameters provide a very easy insertion to a good depth and applies a generous amount to your insides to make any insertion far easier and more comfortable allowing you to experience your pleasure in a way you have never felt before!! A great value item that for such a low price really does provide a more pleasant experience regardless of how you choose to play!! 10/10

Fantasy Cpl
Pros: Shoots deep
CreamPie Fantasy

I use this for shooting cum lube deep up inside my pussy, then I tell my cuckold hubby all about me getting f##ked while he feels and plays with me. Drives him crazy. We would certainly recommend trying this and also recommende their jizz lube too.

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