Fifty Days of Play Erotic Board Game


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Fifty Days of Play Erotic Board Game

Fifty Days of Play offers 50 invitations of naughty adventures for loving couples who want some spice when it comes to playtime.

There are five levels of sexy game-play with ten secret envelopes at each level from Virginal White through Vanilla, Light and Dark Grey to Seductive Black and they are packed with intimate and romantic gestures, stimulating scenarios, naughty suggestions and erotic surprises. Roll the colour die to see just how dark it’s going to get then select your envelope for a mysterious treat.

Throw out your inhibitions and enjoy exploring your sexual pleasures together 🙂


  • Indulge in 50 tantalising shades of naughtiness
  • 10 secret envelopes at each of the 5 levels
  • With 50 invitations for pleasurable adventures
  • 50 Days of Play is packed with intimate and romantic gestures

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pros: Fun, exciting and naughty... all at the same time!
Cons: n/a
A Playful Adventure for Couples!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Fifty Days of Play Erotic Board Game with my partner, and it exceeded our expectations in every way. This game is a perfect blend of fun, intimacy, and excitement that brings couples closer together.

The game is thoughtfully designed with a variety of tasteful and playful challenges, ensuring that every turn is a delightful surprise. The diversity of the challenges allows for a gradual progression, keeping things interesting throughout the fifty days. Whether you're a new couple looking to spice things up or a long-term pair seeking to reignite the spark, this game caters to all comfort levels.

What sets this game apart is its ability to enhance communication and intimacy in a lighthearted manner. The prompts encourage open conversations and create an atmosphere of trust and connection. The game's tasteful approach to sensuality adds an element of romance, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking both passion and laughter.

Pros: Gives some good ideas to spice things up
Cons: Could be quite tame for the more adventurous

A great game for spicing things up, gives some fresh new ideas or just reminds you of old ones .

Cards are laid in colour order white been vanilla (soft) and Black been Darker (hard) and more erotic.

Chuck an uni switch card in the mix and use it on your partner to make things more interesting


I took this game as a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend on holiday with us, it's definitely great if you want to start some sexual tension and a few of the cards was things we hadn't done before, ice breaker and great for people whos imagination isn't great for thinking of new ideas to try in the bedroom etc


Good game to play on a dirty weekend away. Little tame if your a more adventurous couple but still good fun and gave us a couple of ideas.

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